The W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that was created in May 2006 for the purpose of raising funds to continue the excellent care we provide our patients.

Hospital Foundations are becoming more prevalent in helping to obtain funding for technological advancements and equipment upgrade. Hospitals quite often lose money taking care of patients, making it difficult to cover rising health care costs. The focus has always, and should always be focused on patient care and not whether or not we will get paid for taking care of them. Our foundation helps to bridge the gap between available resources and funding needs and helps to maintain lower tax rates.

Donations can be made as general donations, either designated or undesignated; honorariums; memorials; special event fund raising, such as current building renovation projects; and naming opportunities for designated projects.

Donations can be mailed to:
W.J. Mangold Memorial Hospital Foundation
Attn: CEO
PO Box 37
Lockney, Texas 79241
You may also come in person or call us if you have questions: ph: 806-652-3373

Xray Equipment

After over 20 years of service, it was time our XRay arm in the hospital and ER be replaced. Thanks to you, we were able to do this in April of 2018!

New Beds

Through the generous donations of our amazing hospital family and friends, as well as the Fundraising Dinner & Dance, the purchase of new Hospital Beds was made possible.

New Recliners

We were able to change out several of the recliners and guest chairs in the Hospital patient rooms, thanks to your generous donations!